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Hair Extensions don’t need to be daunting…

Our hair extension experts will guide you through the process and provide you with a unique and individualised extension experience tailored to your own hair. We offer 2 different methods of hair extensions, so we will find the right fit for you. 


Tape Extensions

Our new Seamless Tape Hair Extensions sits flat to the head offering a discreet effortless blend while the rooted hair tab will disappear into the natural hairline. 

Tape extensions are our most popular form of hair extensions and are generally suitable for all hair types.  Tape-in hair extensions consist of pairs of one–inch wide pre-taped hair wefts that are applied to both sides of a section of your natural hair to create a “sandwich’. 

This method is fast, requires no heat tools or chemicals and does not damage or interfere with your natural hair in any way.  Each application of tape-in hair extensions generally lasts from 8-12 weeks depending on the texture and growth rate of your natural hair.  When you are due for a maintenance appointment, your extensions are then removed, re–taped & then reapplied fresh to your hair once again. 

Providing you take correct care of your extensions this method means that they can be re-used for multiple applications. Typically our clients will get anywhere from 8-12 months with one set. 

Tape extensions can be used to add volume, length, thickness and / or colour variation to all hair types, and are an excellent choice for a semi-permanent change or rapid transformation to your natural look that can be easily removed when you wish.  The application process is completed in approximately one hour and involves no damage or discomfort.



44 grams in 16″

48 Grams in 18″ and 22″

20 pieces per pack

2.4 grams per piece

Double drawn with up to 2 inches cutting space

Sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia


Nano Rings Hair Extensions

The Nano bead hair extensions technique is one of the most popular methods of applying hair extensions because of its non-damaging and discreet fitting. The nano ring is a tiny bead provides a secure and cushioned effect when applied onto the natural strands of hair, this is then fixed using hair extensions pliers which squeeze the Nano ring onto the hair securing it in place. This method is perfect for adding volume and length to the hair and also great for colour shy clients who don't want the commitment of colouring their own hair.


18″ and 20″ = 0.8g Bonds/ 31 bonds per 25 gram pack

22″ = 1g Bonds/25 bonds per 25 gram pack

• Double Drawn with up to 2 inches cutting space

• Cuticle Aligned

• Finest Italian Keratin

• Sourced from the southern regions of Russia and Mongolia

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